Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Make Gasoline Explosion in Maya using fluid

level tutuorial intermediate..

here is the result of this tutorial
First Make new scene in maya
choose dynamics tab find fluid effects ----> Create 3D container set your fluid like this
 and now set the dynamic simulation
 next step is turn on auto resize

 now we have set content details
and here is the important thing
in the frame number 1 and 30 set bouyancy = 0
in the frame number 40 set bouyancy = 30
 now we set the temperature set like this
now we set the buoyancy of temperature
in the frame number 1 buoyancy = 1
in the frame number 15 buoyancy = 150
next step is set the fuel  like this
now we have to set the shading so,.... we have look our fluid like fire and smoke
to make more realistic explosion you have to some research of explosion.. you can using google and find explosion type.. and that will your reference to realistic explosion

now select the fluid ..  find fluid effects ---->add/edit contents --> emitter
and set like this in the first frame set like this pic and key

frame number 15 set key like this

now you have big explosion

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