Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How To Render product visualization in Maya

First make your 3d model
and create light --> arealight
here is setting of arealight
intensity = 2.00 open mentalray-->arealight  tab above set high sample 52 ,low samples = 15  , open custom shader -->light sader --> mia_portal_light1 intensity multiplier = 20.0

render setting using image based lighting --> image name fill hdri image
turn on final gather

on the cam setting
open mentalray above --> lens shader --> mia_exposure_simple1 set gamma to 1.500

and for the material using mia_materialx

for the material of base .. or plane
open BRDF
set 0 Degree Reflection  to 0.05
90 DEGREE REFLection to 0.500
brdf curve to 5

and diffuse color set to gamma correction

and you have to set material based on your need

and here result

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