Monday, November 10, 2014

Design Elements

What are design elements

Different authors have different opinions, but there are 6 basic ones ..: line, form , colour , texture , mass and space

-can be used to divide different sections or direct the viewers eyes to something
-Different types of lines create different eye movements

-Form is the combination of several lines in different direction creating a new element
-Form can be circles, squares, rectangles or any abstract object like a picture
- minimalism likes simple form
-Block of text also qualifies as a form
-Form can also be assosiated with other senses
-Round forms give a sense of movement

-Colour is very important in design
-it can be subtle, flashy oor evoke deeper emotions
-colours impact our daily life in ways we don't consciously realize
- Colour can also create contrast, draw attention, give a feeling of depth, emphasize and change the way we relate to an object

-Texture is'nt only for print design
-it can be complement and strengthen a message
-Textures with big details and elements are more aggresive, while textures with a finer grain tend to be more delicate

Is the physical or visually observable size
-Size is relative

space, or "white space" helps focus on what matters

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