Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Create custom lens flare in after effect

-First open your after effect and create new composition or ctrl + N in keyboard set 1920 * 1080 -create layer new adjusment layer , and add lens flare in the effect -->generate ---> lens flare
second make a shape layer with with make like this ,

and add glow also box blur, you can find glow in effect-->stylize --> glow , effect -->blur and sharpen --> box blur and set like this

open the shape layer , press "P" on keyboard to set the position, alt klik on the stopwatch of position , and add like this replace transform.position to  thisComp.layer("Adjustment Layer 9").effect("Lens Flare")("Flare Center")

and now u can move the lens flare in the adjusment layer ... and the shape layer will follow so u can make a custom lens flare, 

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