Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rigging human tutorial part 3 (hand rigging ) with maya

This tutorial will show u how to rig the hand, with fk/ikhandle
make joint like this picture
rename it like this below


move joint according size of your human character

add the ikhandle to your joint
add ikhandle from leftClavicle to leftshoulder
add ikhandle again from leftShoulder to leftForearm

open hypergraph connection
click effector ,move tool,  then insert, move to the wrist joint

u can move the ikhandle from wrist joint , but you can rotate leftforearm joint independently

now make a finger joint

go to component mode (f8 on keyboard) click and rotate to right axe, we change the axe of axe

make a  hand joint controller
make cube from cv curve again snap to wrist joint, (hold on "v" on keyboard and middle click to wristjoint)

click clavicle and back3 hit P

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