Monday, January 26, 2015

Rigging human tutorial part 2 (body rigging rigging ) with maya

This tutorial will show u how to rig the body make your joint depends on your human 3D body and set like this and rename it


then make your spline to control your body ...
skeleton-- spline handle tool
click neck and click again  hip not root.. but hip...

go to show above beside panels, lighting, then unselect joint ,,
right click then select vertex mode , select upper vertex
click deform --> create cluster -- relative on --  then choose create --then letter C appears

ctrl + a  to open attribute editor
,choose the cluster1handleshape tab, u have origin  on the Z box hold down click ctrl + klik and drag to move that cluster
do that to another cluster there is 4 cluster  from back 3 to hip that cluster 
rename clusterhandle 
to clusterneck, clusterchest ,clusterabs,clusterHips

click clusterneck and move the point of clusterneck to the right place to the joint
hold v and middle click . to move point of cluster to the same point of joint
clusterneck to neck joint
clusterchest to back3 joint
clusterabs to back2 joint
clusterhips to hip

select all cluster shift select and click root hit p to parent

click leg joint shift select hip joint p /or parent that

now we have to make controller to control the body 
1. make cube from polygon for the reference
 , then we just make cube from cv curve 1 linear hold on v make cube with polygon cube reference
hold v middle click to the joint. and the cube will move to right place of joint 

freeze transformation and delete history
rename to chestcontrol
duplicate took the copy of curve cube to "root"
rename to hipcontrol

make circle from nurbs
took that to between hipcontrol and chest control
delete history rename abscontrol

make like star from nurbs 
took that on hips
rename hipswaycontrol

make doublearrow from cv curve tool
took that behind the neck
rename backcontrol

--make constraint

select the backcontrol shift select the neckcluster 
took constraint then choose point
backcontrol to neckcluster
chestcontrol to clusterchest
abscontrol to clusterabs
hipswaycontrol to clusterhip

parenting time

--parenting to the parent

 select the abscontrol then hipcontrol then choose p

 select the hipswaycontrol then hipcontrol then choose p

 select the chestcontrol then hipcontrol then choose p

 select the backcontrol then hipcontrol then choose p

select hipcontrol then rootjoint then constraint then parent

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