Monday, January 26, 2015

Rigging human tutorial part 1 (leg rigging ) with maya

So in this tutorial i will show u how to rig the leg ...
first time u have to make your human 3D.. u can download it .. just search in google


make your joint 5 point of joint
use joint tool in autodesk maya and rename it from above to below


                   And then u have to make ur 3  ikhandle to control ur human leg 3D in autodesk maya
- from leftHip to leftAnkle make ikhandle ikRPsolver click from leftHip and then click again in the leftAnkle. name that ikhandle to ikHandle_leftLeg

- from leftAnkle to leftFoot make ikhandle ikSCsolver click from leftAnkle and then click again in the leftFoot. name that ikhandle to ikHandle_sc_leftFoot

-from leftFoot to leftToe make ikhandle ikSCsolver click from leftFoot and then click again in the leftToe. name that ikhandle to ikHandle_sc_leftToe


make your joint like this

rename the joint above like this
1. leftRLBase
2. leftRLToe
3. leftRLFoot
4. leftRLAnkle


then parent joint to ikhandle

parent ikHandle_leftLeg  to LeftRLAnkle
parent ikhandle_SC_leftFoot to leftRLFoot
parent ikhandle_SC_leftTOe to leftRLToe


create foot control with circle nurbs
rename leftFootControl 
then add atributer --> footRoll --> data type = float min -10 max 10 default 0

---to control the dengkul
++ create text "R" and "L"  to control the knee / dengkul
++ then select that "R" shift select ikhandle klik constraint -->  pole vector

to control footRoll
--animate then set driven key
set leftFootcontrol to drriver
leftRLFoot, RLToe , RLBase to driven

footRoll -10 RLBase rotate X -35 (up)
footRoll  6 RLFoot  rotate X 12
footRoll 10 RLFoot rotateX 20
footRoll 5 RLToe just key
footRoll 10 RLToe X 65

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