Saturday, May 25, 2013

facial rigging in maya (part 1)

facial rigging in maya (part 1)


1. first time choose
animation tab in the left menu
choose skin ..
klik joint tool 
grab that from the neck to base head like this picture

rename that 3 point of joint tool with NECK, HEAD,and HEADTOP
so in the future we can manage that

2. make another joint tool to move the jaw

3. then klik skin menu on top
choose ikhandle
klik that ikhandle from neck (jointTool) to head(jointool)

4. make a nurb circle to control the neck
freeze transformation and delete by type ->history
rename that nurbs circle to headcontrol
click nurbs and shift click to Head (joint tool) choose constraint and chose orient menu.. in the constraint orient menu ..checklist the maintain offset then add

if you confused feel free to contact me in twitter

5. in the headcontol (nurbs) make a new 3 attribute
    First click the headcontrol and choose modify menu on top -->then click add attribute
    second follow this pic
   then choose add
in the menu of headcontrol make sure there is 3 new attribute jawX, jawY,jawZ

6. then click window menu on top -->general editor --> connection editor
click headcontrol then in the connection editor click reload left scroll down to find jawX, jawY,jawZ
then click jaw(joint tool) then in the connection editor click reload right scrool down to find rotate x, rotate y, rotate z
in the connection editor click jawX then click Rotate X
click jawY then click Rotate Y
click jawZ then click Rotate Z

then click close.. nothing happen ... but if you change the number of jawX,jawY,jawZ in headcontrol
u can see that Jaw (joint tool) can rotate.

and this is it... this is the initial setting to facial rigging..

to be continued

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