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Thursday, August 18, 2016

The procedure for creating designs

The procedure for creating designs
1. restate the problem in your own wordsYou must understand the purpose or design problems. if you do not understand the problem or goal, you design a solution will not be on target.daily goal or problem on a paper or board and keep it fixed in front of you as your guide to work for a solutionof your design problem
2. Do your research firstDo you want to know more about your topic? If you want adequate solutions, go to the libraryor the Internet to obtain information, photographs, and material at this stage of the research process. This is a very important stage.mostly young designers make the mistake of thinking, namely that he can do a good job without having to go to the library or the Internet.
3. Think, with the mouse or pencil in hand
you sit down and think it is not enough, you need to immediately think and draw sketches. one image can lead you to other images.memasalahkan do you bad or good image, because it's just a sketch.
4. choose three of your best sketches
5. Select the best images and refine your image
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Graphic Designer and advertising

Graphic designers use the word (letter) and images and other graphic elements to communicate. they are an expression of verbal art -visual.
graphic designer bridge between the client with a message sent to the target visually. designers on behalf of clients to provide information,
persuade, remind, or sell

Informative advertising aims to form a first request to inform the market of new products, proposes a new use for a product, inform the market about the price change
explain the workings of a product, identifies the service provided, to correct the wrong impression, reduce anxiety buyers and establish a corporate image. This is usually done massive
in the early stages of a product type, for example Sunkist introduced the word "vitamin". kepad apublik mentioned in the worldwide campaign
sukist is oranges contain vitamin C

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Advertising part 5

advertising budgetsadvertising budget can be determined by several methods that can be spent on the ability of the method, the method of percentage of sales budget,rival budget method, the method aims and functions of advertising or other decision models are more complicated
appropriate method is the ability to set a budget method of advertising is based on the ability of the company. how much money the company had no money for advertising,that is spent on advertising. This method ignores the role of advertising as an investment and a direct impact on sales volume.In this way cause long-term advertising planning difficult.penggunana method of percentage of sales budget. the company set an advertising budget sets the brand simply by the budget as a percentage of sales volume were anaesthetized,for example, last year, or terantispasi. a survey of 100 top advertisers of consumer goods in the United States found almost 50%using the percentage of anticipated and 20% using percentages ago, this implies that the budget is basedthe anticipated budget of the previous budget

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Advertisitng part 4

ad value adder
aims to add value to the brand in the consumer's perception with innovative, quality improvement and strengthening of consumer perception. effective advertising causes brand
seen as more elegean, more stylish, more prestigious and perhaps super competition.

advertising support other activities
aims to help facilitate other business enterprises in the marketing communication process. such as ads that help release sales promotion (coupon)

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Advertising part 3

Informative advertising 
 aims to establish the first request by notifying the market of new products, proposes a new use for a product,
notify about price changes, explain the workings of a product describes the services provided, to correct the wrong impression,
reduce anxiety buyers, and establish a corporate image. This is usually done massively in the early stages of a type of product.

Persuasive advertising 

 aims to establish selective demand a certain brand, this is done on a competitive stage by forming brand preferences, encouraging
over the brand, change the perception of the buyer of the product attributes, persuaded shoppers to buy now,

reminder ad  

aims to remind consumers on products already established by showing that the product
may be needed later, reminding Diman products can be purchased to make buyers still remember dengna prudk though not in season and maintaining awareness of peak

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Advertising part 2

Advertising and advertising managementadvertising is the use of paid media by a seller to communicate information about the product persuasit (ideas, goods and services)or organizations that are a powerful promotional tool. marketers Americans spend 89 billion dollars each year on have a wide variety of forms (national, regional, local; consumer, industrial, retail product, brands, agencies and so on)designed to achieve various objectives (instantaneous sales, brand recognition, and preferences and so on)in small companies, advertising is handled by someone in marketing or sales departeme who cooperate with the agency,whereas in large companies already own advertising department.advertising management is a 5 stage process known as 5 M: mission, money, message, media and measurement.Goal setting addetermination advertising purposes must be based on the previous decisions concerning target markets, positioning strategy, and a clear marketing mix.baruditetapkan advertising purposes

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Advertising part 1

Advertising is one of the stages in the marketing. products or services, either penamannya pricing and distribution is reflected in advertising activities. without
advertising, the product range will not be able to flow seamlessly to the distributor, to the seller let alone into the hands of consumers.

advertising is not only used for business enterprises such as IKEA. IKEA ad entitled toilet seat
warsaw leo burnett created by the award-winning "Golden Drum" at the advertising festival Golden
Drum 2001.
advertising carried out by educational institutions, hospitals, political parties, and others to aim at the target. the message will be more cost-effective if delivered through advertising, a good message to build brand preference and to educate the citizens of a country that does not consume drugs

the success of a national economy is largely determined by the activities of advertising activities which support the sales efforts that determine the viability of the production of factories, job creation and the existence of a favorable outcome of all money invested. this is evidenced by the fact that the developed countries or the world's top companies always graced by vigorous advertising activities. fifty perusahana costs the world's top advertising amounted to 49.3 billion dollars to 56 countries in 1996. tahhun meanwhile, in the third world countries and Russia, the economy is still weak, advertising activities is still at a minimum level, lapngan work hard and not easy return the money invested.

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