Tuesday, July 26, 2016

why we have to visit Indonesia

Helllo everyone today i wanna talk about indonesia. Indonesia is big country with beautiful landscape not just bali, or ubud you can visit papua, you can visit lombok. These places are better than bali. Indonesia is not just about bali. Is bigger than that. More Beautiful than that. You can visit Yogyakarta the place that i lived since 2010.  I think best destination if you wanna vacation is Indonesia. That's right. Come visit us.

Have you hear about bahari, ? Lombok ? Candi prambanan, borobudur ? Temple, ? Yogyakarta . Or else ?

Outstanding Natural Beauty Beautiful
This is certainly a first reason why my friend traveler must vacationing in Indonesia, because our country has a variety of natural beauty not inferior when compared to the existing attractions in other countries call it the island of Bali, Lombok, Bromo, Kawah Ijen, tourist city of Yogyakarta , Bandung, Malang-Batu, Raja Ampat in Papua and much more beautiful tourist in Indonesia. When my friend down the traveler really the beauty of any corner of the tourist spots in Indonesia would be astonished by the variety of potential natural beauty that exist in Indonesia.

WEATHER Friendly
When compared to other countries such as in Europe, the weather in our country are very friendly. Indonesia has only two seasons in the sun is always shining throughout the year, our country only has a dry season and the rainy season, the air temperature during the rainy season is still relatively cool so that we can still do activities as usual. The difference with Europe, they have much of the season, and the season's most disliked was winter. Because in the winter underway in European countries will be constrained their activities so that tourists can not freely visit the sights there, because given the extremely cold temperatures reaching minus degrees Celsius.

Inexpensive Vacation Costs
Already can not be denied that the cost of holidays in Indonesia is still very cheap, whether we should be proud or be sad because the cost of the holiday in our country relatively very cheap, so many foreign tourists stay linger in Indonesia just for the holidays. When compared to neighboring Malaysia and Singapore, the cost of the holiday in our country is still at the bottom rung, it is common knowledge when we are on holiday to Malaysia and Singapore should merogok pocket hefty in so many foreign tourists opting vacation in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a haven for food lovers
In addition to having a variety of tourist destinations are beautiful and charming, our country is also known as a haven for food lovers, we can see almost all the area has earned a culinary taste different, so that many of the culinary variety that we can enjoy when vacationing and visiting tourist destinations in various area, it will never run out if we explore culinary in Indonesia.

Population-Friendly And Polite
Indonesia, the country we have a society that is friendly and courteous, to prove try asking tourists or foreign tourists who have never been to Indonesia. Most of them would make a statement that the community residents and Indonesia polite and friendly, it is because we still adhere to traditional oriental viscous so many foreign tourists and domestic tourists who linger to visit and vacation in our beloved country.

Well how my friend traveler, knowing why we must put a vacation in Indonesia than on vacation in the country, what is still passionate to remain on vacation abroad? It is fitting for us berbagga be part of this beautiful archipelago, never prestige for exploring the beauty of this archipelago, because you will know and understand how beautiful and captivating our country Indonesia, Come on vacation in Indonesia  !!

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