Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What is animation

What it is animated. Animation is an illusion. Because the animation is actually they do not really move just as humans. Ato living beings. Animation is an illusion. An image that is converted driven 24 times or more for one second. So that our eyes perceive that the image is moving. Or commonly understood to 24 fps or frames per second. Frame animation terlhat minimal so good. Then what is the animation designation. Diperuntukkkan Animation is not just for children but also all the people. Animation allows us to describe something that does not even previously unthinkable. Many animation software sold and distributed widely. Either free or paid. Good computer applications and mobile applications.

Image begerak form of a set of objects (images) are arranged uniformly follow the flow of the movement that has been determined at each increment count the time that happened. Image or object that is referred to in the above definitions may include images of human, animal or tulisan.Animasi itself comes from the Latin is "animas" which means the soul, life, spirit. While the characters are people, animals
or other tangible object that is poured in the form of 2D and 3D images. so that animated characters can be interpreted as a picture
make objects as if alive, is caused by a collection of images that change irregularly and alternately displayed. objects in
images can be text, shapes, colors and special effects.

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