Sunday, July 31, 2016

Story of freelancer

Before graduating from college I had sent at least 15 applications to various companies animasi.hasil his first company contacted me to join in the animation company big enough in the area of Indonesia. But what power. I could not go there because the place is far from Yogyakarta. Namely Batam Indonesia. After graduation and graduation, I tried to apply again animation company in Batam and the result is failure. Not stopping there, I tried to apply for a job via email, it is because the era is now very mobile. And akhitnya there are three companies called me and only one match. Finally I get in there. Salaries here are very small, only about $ 120 a month. Small enough not. But after enduring a salary of $ 120 a month for a 1.5 year. I finally got the chance to become a freelancer. And the results are pretty good. I now also i am motion graphic freelancer

you can find me on google with keyword galennolan

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