Sunday, July 17, 2016

Making your own action movie

how to make action movies
The following are the requirements that must be met to make the film action

1. The story of the ups and downs
    cntoh good for the story as how to train your dragon,
   The first hiccup is that people can even timid, though timid but has a high determination to slay the dragon, after meeting dragon dragon turns out he felt like himself ,. and he immediately changed to "people who do not want to kill the dragon"
The second hiccup friends with a dragon. have fun with dragon
third, hiccup dimusuhin caught by his father and the entire village. (Konfilk first)
The fourth father wants to kill all the dragons in the dragon's headquarters (to the conflict)
The fifth hiccup against all fears and devise a plan to rescue the dragon and his own father.
stories up and down very attractive for action movies. can diliat also in bad boys 2

2. The property of interest
    ya like a toy gun, jacket, jeans, a nice car,

3. The effect wah
    as director michael bay transformers, also the bad boys are always using the wah effect that makes the film more interesting

4. beautiful woman
    Yapps seems like for every action movie, or maybe most beautiful women to enter the film more interesting to make a movie

5. The movement of the camera is good
    nah this is what makes the film become rich. dynamic camera movements to make the film look spacious and certainly not ugly

that's it. The main requirement to make filma c

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