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Helllo everyone today i wanna talk about indonesia. Indonesia is big country with beautiful landscape not just bali, or ubud you can visit papua, you can visit lombok. These places are better than bali. Indonesia is not just about bali. Is bigger than that. More Beautiful than that. You can visit Yogyakarta the place that i lived since 2010.  I think best destination if you wanna vacation is Indonesia. That's right. Come visit us.

Have you hear about bahari, ? Lombok ? Candi prambanan, borobudur ? Temple, ? Yogyakarta . Or else ?

1. Mount Rinjani
Mount Rinjani is located in Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia. Mount Panaroma The singer has paled BETWEEN Nice in the mountains The ADA in Indonesia. EVERY year, Mount Rinjani Many nature lovers visit.

2. Komodo Island
Komodo National Park is located in East Nusa Tenggara. Singer district consists From several islands Along marine waters. In the islands Live habitat of the Komodo dragon. There savanna Yang had Overlay area.

3. Raja Ampat Islands
Raja Ampat Islands archipelago is located in the western part of The island of New Guinea in West Papua province which is precisely in the head section of birds of Papua. Raja Ampat Singer Being prayer One Destination For the divers All interested WITH Undersea beauty of natural scenery.

4. Kawah Ijen
Kawah Ijen singer is praying One volcano in East Java. Has a natural beauty and maritime MAKE crater Famous Places Good Among local and foreign travelers.

5. Puncak Jaya
Living in Indonesia is fitting Proud Many BECAUSE has unique cultural and natural wealth And different. Puncak Jaya in Papua Which is The highest peak in Australia and Oceania.

6. Children Krakatao
Krakatau is an active volcanic island in the Sunda Strait Residing Among the islands of Java and Sumatra.

7. Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo volcano is active in Indonesia precisely in the province of East Java. Singer offers mountain view sunrise and sunset Beautiful And Also Other sights.

8. Flores
Kelimutu is a volcano on the island of Flores, NTT. Singer Have Three mountain crater lake Yang are at the peak. Singer Lake Also known WITH name in the Three Colors BECAUSE have 3 colors Yang DIFFERENT, ie red, blue, and white.

9. Bunaken Marine Park
Bunaken marine park has a 20 point dive (dive spot) WITH Depth Varies. Up to 1,344 meter depths. The dives of 20 points, 12 points of which ADA Around Bunaken Island. Here in the 12 point dive, Location Most Frequently visited by divers and nature lovers Undersea.

10. Lake Toba
Lake Toba is a volcanic lake AN Largest in the World. In Central Lake Singers are AN island. Lake Toba Many local tourist attractions as well as Out.

11. Baluran National Park
This is his African Indonesia. Baluran singer Representative Of The mostly dry forest ecosystem in Java include savanna vegetation, mangrove forest, beach forest, forest Season, Down Mountains forest, swamp forest and forest Its always greener on Throughout the Year.

12. Dreamland Beach Bali
Also known WITH OR Dreamland Dreamland Beach is a prayer One beautiful beaches in Bali besides Kuta Beach. The existence of this beach is not FAR from Uluwatu area. The beauty and cleanliness of beach here Increasingly Adding attraction of tourists.

13. Kerinci
Famous Kerinci WITH existence Which is the Seven Lakes Mountain Lake High fence in Southeast Asia. In addition to ITU, are some of the other Little Lake Yang has a unique natural beauty.

14. Green Canyon
Green Canyon storing Million Exceptional charm. BETWEEN natural alloy of the river, Green Valley, protected forests and various stalactite-stalagmite Indeed Captivating scenery.

15. Lake Sentani
Lake Sentani is located in the Lower slopes of mountains Cycloops The extent of covering the city of Jayapura and Jayapura district. The view of Lake Sentani The ADA WITH group of islands in the middle is the most beautiful prayer One landscape in Indonesia.

16. Goa Gong
Goa Gong singer claimed to be the most beautiful caves in Southeast Asia. When it is in the hearts of the cave, Andari will witness Jazz RS rocks standout OR WITH Commonly known stalactites and stalagmites.

17. National Parks Bantimurung
Bantimurung National Park has a natural charm Beautiful. The singer in the national park can be found the best source Yang NEVER dry. So Many TYPE Plant Capable of Surviving when Long Dry Season.

18. Belitung Islands
Pulau Indah, unique landscape of white sandy beach WITH ornate granite boulders The artistic, air sea Crystal Clear And surrounded by hundreds of islands of Small. Truly extraordinary.

19. Derawan
Around Derawan Island waters are a marine park The Become Places diving (diving) WITH Depth Up to 5 meters. While rock WITH THE depth of ten meters, will There are coral Affectionately known as "Trigger Blue Wall".

20. Goa Kalisuci
Goa Kalisuci can be found Underground The Flowing River Under The lime mountain empties into the South Sea island of Java. Goa Kalisuci Singer is a prayer One Of 3 Travel Center cave tubing adventure Yang are in the World, the taxable income gatra Mexico and New Zealand.

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