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How to Become a Successful Freelancer

different rules while working for different people. After working as a freelancer and an experience for more than nine months, I have made a list of these tips. the best way to be a successful freelancer. Perhaps you are already using some of the following Hopefully you will also find other tips that can help you to succeed in what you do! :)

when you are in the industry freelancer should diapahami thing is the industry is moving very fast, must have a commitment to never stop learning.
You have to love what you're doing to do this. and when you do, you will be able to offer higher end services for your clients and your freelance income akhirnyameningkatkan.

1. Make a marketing / business plan

This should be the first thing you do. Even though you have all the info needed in your head, put it on paper will give you a lot of progress and definitely worth the extra work. Not only would you like it to be «forced» to think about important issues and possible challenges before they happen, but it could also be much easier for you to get the help he needed from potential business partners or investors when you have a good business plan for show them. You need to know how you are going to find clients, you need a plan in place, here is an article to get you started.

2. Plan your day ahead
Spend one hour in the beginning of the week to plan next week. so that we do not stop and continues to have an ongoing project.

3. Use free software, but buy some premium tools that will make you more productive
Try to use the free software that spending at the beginning did not swell. This is not about what features are available by the device. This matter prangkat we maximize existing software.

Do not try to pay for everything, but pay for premium tools you'll use every day. For example, when building a website, I never use the free theme, I always go well for the quality premium WordPress themes or frameworks. But once again, the burden of this doesnt make sense to you if you are a graphic designer. If you're building a site regularly to your client, it really does not make sense to be 10x more productive.

4. Create an eye-catching logo
Although still a freelancer. has the logo increase client confidence to you. use a logo that is appealing and professional look.

5. Learn to say NO!
If you do not have time for other clients at this time, it is important to be aware of it and said no. This is the fairest thing for yourself, your existing clients and new ones knocking on your door. The worst case scenario say yes to too many and have consequences for the existing clients. You always want to make sure that you have enough time to give your current clients the best service you can. A client may be too many things that degrade the quality of all your work.

6. Make your blog / website
In the Internet age that we are, have their own website can be a lot of meaning. Not only make you look more professional, but also a gateway to new clients. Many surfing the net to find people for their next projects and if they can not find you online they will not know you are there.

7. Update your website regularly
Do you already have a website or blog? - Big! But to maximize its value to you it is very important to update regularly. If a new client visiting your site and see that you have not updated content for a very long time, which might be a reason for them to choose someone else instead. Updating regularly will require one hour of your time every now and then but can pay back several times rewards you with new clients.

8. Give your online visitors something free
Give something extra to the visitors on your website is always a good thing. If you work as a designer you can for example consider installing some free textures or buttons. This will give your site more visitors and potentially more clients for you. Or how to offer each visitor a percentage off on their first order with you? Again, this could be the thing that needed to stand out to new clients.

9. Use social media
Social media is where many relationships are made today. No matter which country you live in, using social media can connect you to potential clients and partners around the world. Twitter is a must, and you should consider Facebook and forums related to your business. If you are a designer to consider having a look at deviantArt and YouTube as well. In some media, you can advertise your own business as long as you make sure not to send spam too much.

10. Get ally
Having allies can mean everything. Connecting with people through social media or even spreading the word of your business through friends and family can get you just a word out there that you need. Also make connections with people who can do things for clients that you can not help, you give clients a more complete package of what they need. One day you are a client sends to allies that can offer services that are more suitable in that case, the next day you could be the person who has the client sent your way.

11. Save for a rainy day
Though your business might go really well, there can and probably will come a bad month or two every now and then. Being a freelancer is to be vulnerable to changes in the market. My suggestion would save up a bit of your income every month, save in his own savings account so you have it as a security buffer for rough moments. Are you sure you will not regret doing it. It would be a shame if a few small bills would ruin everything for you in a bad month.

12. Be creative
There are many ways to be creative, to acquire new clients or to make better use of equipment and office space. Some examples can upgrade an existing computer if you can not afford a new one, redecorating the spare room if you can not afford the rent for an office outside your home. Add a new product or service to your current list or ask friends or family if they know anyone who might need your services. The options are many, all you need is to try to think a bit outside the box

13. Reward loyal customers
If the market is tight you have to do what you can to have your customers back in the second and third time. Being friendly and service-minded are always a must, but how to give them a second time discount? Or send them special offers of various types. Use your fantasy and implement these things into your business plan. Make the customer want to come back and you will have the best chance possible for survival.

14. Treat every client as if he was the only
Provide existing customers good deals as mentioned in the previous tip is important. But remember to be service minded. If customers feel important which will make him more loyal too. Use positive language when you speak or write to him. Do not be afraid to say that you will go out of your way to make sure he is satisfied with the product / service he gets. And remember to let him know that feedback is appreciated. That way you can continue to make your services more and more attractive and get happier clients. Do not forget that the existing clients can be the best advertising you'll ever get!

15. Work when you are at work
If you have decided to work from say, 08: 00-16: 00 every day, then do it. If you have an errand to run, a personal email account to check, personal phone calls to make and so on, it will quickly take the work that is needed you. Make a promise to yourself to only do this when you are not supposed to work, as in before or after work or during your lunch break. This may not seem much to you, but I've seen some great freelancers acquire their days really messed up because they are not good enough in managing their time well.

16. Know when to start and stop
Just as important as actually work when you are at work, start when you should and when you should stop. You may have to prepare to work overtime every now and then to keep your business alive, but it is very important that you have some free time as well. You need to recover and get your mind is occupied with other things or you will burn and spoil things for yourself. The more hours you work all at once, the less productive you get. So remember to follow your own rules on when to start and stop the day at work.

17. Keep your finances neatly
Keeping your finances neatly it may sound easy, and can - as long as you keep an eye on them regularly. No matter how small your business is running you will run into trouble if you just spent on billing and accounting once or twice a year. Set the date when you pay your bill, when you send an invoice to the client and make a monthly budget. Not only will this make it easier for you throughout the year, but you will be able to fix errors faster, make adjustments if necessary, and so on.

18. Remember to breathe
Breathe you say? Yes;) And by my breathing means that you have to take care of yourself. You may be separated using two computers or cameras or other tools, - but the most important tool will always be yourself. Remember to continue to spend time on your hobbies, friends and family even if you have a busy work schedule.

19. Get out of the house sometimes (especially if you work from home)
If you have a home-based office it is important to get some fresh air. Booked several meetings at other places, meet business partners for lunch, or spend one or two hours of work of a library or a coffee shop with your laptop if you can. The change of scenery can increase your energy level / creativity and give a lot back.

20. Make a string inspirational
rough day came and went a rough day. Simple as it sounds, having something around you to remind you of why you work hard this could be what you need to get some extra energy on a difficult day. Rope making your own inspiration! Taking a rope or use a cork board / board, which is already available. Add pictures of your children, of your vacation spot saving to go, or maybe a car you expect to be able to buy. Add some of your favorite inspirational quote or image, whatever inspires you completely. And there you go, strap your own inspiration! Taking a look when you're close to giving up or when the additional stress can work wonders for you. You should try it out :)

21. Be humble
No one is truly expert. so stay humble. always improve your skills. lack of confidence is also bad, but do not be haughty. if a client menannyakan something with professional responsibility in accordance with your own knowledge

22. Look professional, in every way possible
You have a logo, website and so on and things started to look pretty good. Remember to also meet clients with respect, look neat and polite. Being your own boss does not mean you can speak or act in any way and still keep your clients. Remember that.

23. Ask for feedback
Not only must you have comments enabled on your website, but you also have to ask friends / family / ally for feedback on your work. And most important of all, once you finish your project - ask the client what he thought. Not only do you get a great opportunity to improve but also the client feel important. Get the opinion of other people is always good, and this will help you to become more successful.

24. Always carry a notebook around with you

It became a normal notebook, iPhone or other digital forms of "notebook" You have to take it with you and remember to take notes. This is due to various reasons. Not only can you suddenly run into potential clients or existing, but you may come up with valuable ideas when you are on the bus, on the plane or essentially anywhere else. Several times I had a great idea, do not have a notebook, forgetting ideas and seeing them used elsewhere a year later.

25. Take the time you need!
This is very important, can not be mentioned enough. Just like with the tip about learning to say no. After you have said yes to the project you need to make sure that you take the time needed to do the best you can do. Submit half-baked project will not only provide clients who will not come back, but it can give you a bad reputation. Your clients are the best reference for the show in the future and no one wants to freelancers who leave the work half-finished.

so good luck to project your freelancer

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