Thursday, July 14, 2016

How to be good freelancer

hello all this time we will discuss how to do let client ga disappointed

1. Understand and client wish list
    - Create explainer videos such as this example
    - Voice over supplied client
   - Supplied client script
   - Revision max 3 times
   - Backsound of or youtube creator

2. confident right yourself that you're able to work on the project and the client wishes

3. If a new client try to transfer money to us for half of the price that we espouse
    (Client avoid blurry) this is important because my client never blurred No 3's (personal experience)

4. Hospitality chat number 1, maybe a lot of ways, can chat, sms or email. try friendly

5. add messages messages or suggestions suggestions that project ended up

6. The lines of communication with both

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