Saturday, July 16, 2016

experience working on a project about hosting motion graphics

experience working on a project about hosting motion graphics

yesterday I get a project on motion graphic advertising a web hosting company, with Nilan roject $ 80 for an Indian. Revision max 3 times. one project in 3 days is almost equal to a third of my salary in a month. That freelancer. a lot of things happen that are not recognized.

I made the after effects motion graphics using both the manufacturing process graphic or animation I'm working through the after effects, and if a certain backsound I got it from youtube music creator is free. we can use free of charge without having to include the name of the author or owner of the song

talk talk about youtube, I want to really make a youtube channel but feels it turns out it was hard. create content youtube viewer, who has a lot of turns but it is what is important not to give up.
if want to subscribe to my youtube channel yangmasih develop. want to carry on his youtube channel direction is also not yet clear.

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