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Delay work for freelancers

as freelancers we all must have felt being chased deadline. Really, this is more terrible than the neighbor's dog chased. Ironically, most of these cases is not caused by a freelancer own habits that tend to procrastinate. This habit can happen for a variety of reasons, such as to underestimate the work, time management is a mess, lack of self-control, to the deliberate reason is because most people find work more quickly when under deadline pressure. Nevertheless, we certainly agree that delaying the work greater negative impact, which ultimately will only hurt themselves freelancer.

Any danger of delaying the work for freelancers? Here's some of them

Any danger of delaying the work for freelancers? Here's some of them
Any danger of delaying the work for freelancers? Here's some of them
1. Losing precious time

This is usually when we became aware of time has shown the last minute before the deadline while the work is not finished. When the shadow of angry customers and a variety of other unpleasant consequences has become closer than veins, only then did we realize how much we regret having wasted precious time. "Just yesterday I did not have it, for sure my work is done." But whatever the power, precious time was lost.

2. Missed opportunity more valuable

When the present lucrative opportunities in sight, we are afraid to take it because they have dependents job that should have been finished off yesterday. Well, one delay work together to release a good chance. Imagine if this continues, how many occasions have to escape from the grip?

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3. Revenues decreased

A number of jobs that should be completed within the stipulated time was still not finished as well. That is, your target is not achieved; revenue that should be used for this purchase it was not enough. Worse, if your work to exceed the deadlines and inevitably you have to dare to accept the consequences, whether it be a client dissatisfaction, or cutting the price as compensation.

4. Damaging the reputation in the eyes of the client

This is the most dangerous. Because client satisfaction means everything in running a business, then the disappointment they also could be disastrous. If the client is satisfied will tend to be loyal to subscribe and recommend own business on others, those disgruntled clients could just give a bad review and recommend friends to NOT do business with you. Duh, this is serious.

5. Endanger Health

If it tight deadline, whatever will we do for the sake of completing the work, including staying up all night. Once or twice may not matter, but if this becomes a habit, might be health threatened.

Delaying the work obviously something bad and need to be eliminated. How to? Check out some tips to overcome procrastination following work.

Broke the work into smaller parts. That way, you can work your project will gradually and noticeably lighter.
Start by doing the easy part first.
Make a daily checklist to monitor how far you're working on your project.
Make a schedule for each project that you deal with, and most importantly, stick to that schedule.
Set up a reward for yourself every time you finish a project so that there is strong motivation.
Do not hesitate to call in reinforcements if your project is done alone feels too heavy.
Do it now! Do not waste your time waiting mood.
We will never find a perfect time, or the right mood to start a job unless we have meniatkannya. So, stop procrastinating and start work over thinking about responsibility and integrity as a freelancer. Show that we as a freelancer was not lost with office workers.

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