Friday, July 29, 2016

Bitcoin ????

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that was developed in 2009 by someone under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. This currency as well as Rupiah or Dollar, but only available in the digital world. The concept may sound like e-gold, although in fact much different.

In the mobile era. I think bitcoin is solution for mobile era .transparancy era. We dont have to teust government or even bank or bankir. We can ise bitcoin. The value never decreased. The best solution. But the problem is .. 1bitcoin is more than 100$ that's expensive. Bitcoin was founded anonymous people that called him satoshi nakamoto and improved by a lot programmer around the world to make it better. Bitcoin is famous arpund dark net website. For people buying drug or anything that illegal. Bitcoin is new era. The dead of money. Maybe yes maybe not.

How does Bitcoin?

From a user perspective, Bitcoin is nothing more than a mobile phone application or computer program that provides Bitcoin wallet and allows users to send and receive bitcoin. This is how Bitcoin works for most users.

Behind the scenes, Bitcoin network share a public record called "chain-block". This record contains all transactions ever processed, allowing computer users to verify kebsahan each transaction. The authenticity of every transaction is protected by a digital signature associated with a return address, allowing all users have full control over the delivery of bitcoin Bitcoin address them. In addition, everyone can process transactions using the power calculation special hardware and get a gift in the form of bitcoin for this service. This activity is often referred to as "mining". To learn more about Bitcoin, you can go to a special page of the newspaper and original.

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