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About Early Plunge into the world of freelance

About Early Plunge into the world of freelance

Galennolan, which also was told about the beginning so freelance. When a new start after eight months to get jobs and that too at a cheap price. But that $ 55 occupied and eventually had increased, including job now obtained is not only done alone but have been outsourced again.

galennolan itself is one of Indonesian people who succeed in the freelance marketplace, he even get a very good reputation for fields offered on site Expertise galennolan are freelancers motion graphic and video editor. (All associated with video)
Sekaran galennolan still work he nyambi doing freelance work at freelancing marketplace and eventually took the opportunity to become a freelancer - out of work because of opportunities in the world a great freelancer.

About Prices Services / Expertise

Answering a question about the price of services offered, galennolan said that determining the price is an important part of the freelance world. But even among competing freelancer it is more important to do not slam the price, but rather to educate the client about what they get from the services offered, and how it can provide value to prospective clients.

When the initial posting services or expertise in the marketplace wherever it takes tactics of freelancers that can be glimpsed prospective clients, some of the tricks that can be done such as putting the price of 'zero' or workmanship super fast speed. This is done for the early stages as a puller, when a client has sent a contact or ask then described the various values ​​that can be obtained.

The 'zero' for instance does not mean free of charge but if the job can not be sent, the client does not have to pay, for example. And fast work does not mean no quality, it is only as a differentiator to let clients know if they hire freelancers who have a dedication that can be relied upon.

Another thing to note by freelancers is currently biding price of services, because this is an important and sometimes decisive factor for the acquisition of the job or not. Not just about price, but again better highlighted on the client is on the value that can be able to hire us.

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