Saturday, March 15, 2014

3 ways to animate part 1

1. the natural way called - straight ahead -

we just start drawing and see what happens. like a kid drawing in the page corners of the schoolbook - stick the number on afterwards.

- we get a natural flow of fluid spontaneous action
- it has the vitality of improvisation
- it's very 'creative'
often the unconscious mind starts to kick in. like authors saying their character tells them what's going to happen.
- it can produce surprises 'magic'
- it's fun

-Things start to wander
- time stretches and the shot get longer and longer
- characters grow and shrink
- we can tend to mistake point of the shot and not arrive at the right place at the right time.
- the director hates us cause he can;t see what;s happening.
- it's lots of wodk to clean up the mess afterwards and it;s hard to assist

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