Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Splitting polygons

Modeling edge loops that flow with the muscles can be a time consuming process and there is no quick and easy way of achieving this.

when you first begin a model, you usually need to block all the important edge ring, up to the point where you can begin splitting edges to match muscle flow. you can then concentrate on creating important definition to the edge rings. at hits point, you don't need to bother keeping everything in quads. quads become important once the definition of the entire character is established.

Following are some example techniques that can be used to help create the muscle flow.

1. Guide curves
   When your topology is flowing in different directions than what it should be, it can be difficult to break away from it. a recommended technique is to draw NURBS curves on the surface of the creature , which can serve as helpful guides when modeling according to your creature's muscle flow. These curves are then referred to as guide curves.

- Select the geometry for which you wish to create guide curves.
- Toggle on the Make live button located in the status Line or select  Modify --> Make live 
- Select Create ---> EP Curve Tool
- Draw directly on the surface to create a guide curve that follows the shape of the live geometry
- Assign the curves to a layer and then set a color override for that layer
- model the muscle flow of the geometry

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