Saturday, August 17, 2013

Marking Menu Editor

Hotkeys allow you to assign a command per key and you might eventually completely fill the keyboard with custom commands. a solution for this is to open the Marking menu editor and create Marking Menus. This way, you can gather several of your custom commands under a single Marking Menu.

Marking menus can be accessed in two different ways. One is to assign the Marking Menu to a hotkey through the Hotkey editor. Which is what you will see here . The other way is to access the Marking menu through the Hotbox via spacebar

1. Marking Menu Editor 
select windows ---> settings/prefereces -->marking menus.

2. Create a marking menu
 - Click the create Marking Menu button.
Doing so will pop the create Marking menu window.
- enter a proper name in the menu name fields, such as ModelingMenu.

3. Populating the marking menu
in order to add items to your marking menu, you must add scripts to different boxes of the menu. to do so, you can either MMB-Click+drag scripts from shelves to the appropriate boxes or right-click on box and select Edit menu item.

4. test and save the marking menu.
to test your marking menu, click in the test area at the bottom of the window. Pnce you are satisfied with it , click the save and close buttons.

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