Monday, August 19, 2013

Increasing resolution

You can now begin increasing the resolution of the model in order to achieve the best definiton of the beast. Keep in mind that you should achieve as much detail as you can by using the fewest possible polygons or edge rings. This workflow does not use a lower resolution proxy to produce the high resolution model. By creating every edge manually, you have completecontrrol over the topology and polygon count of your mesh instead of getting the geometry to a ceertain resolution and then smoothing it.

the main tools used in this should be the Split Polygon tool and Split Edge Ring Tol

In order to prevent the Split Edge Ring tool from splitting up the entire model all at once and localizing your edits, you might want to turn off the auto complete option of the tool. This allows you to specify from which to which polygonal edges you want to split along. another workflow is to divide your model intosections such as the head, torso, arms, legs,hands and feet, in order to be able to really focus on the portion of the model that you are working on

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