Friday, July 5, 2013

Edge rings and edge loops

An edge ring is a path of polygon edges that are connected in sequence by their shared faces. An edge loop is a continued line of polygonal edges that crosses a surface.

The split Edge Ring tools lets you select and then split polygon faces across either a full or partial edge ting on a polygonal mesh. This tool is useful when you want to add detail across a large area of a polygon mesh, but don't want to use the Split Polygon Tool to manually split every polygon face individually

Using  the split Edge Ring Toll 

In the following example. you will use the toll on a primitive mesh in order to understand the tool's concepts and various usages.

1. Create a basic primitive
   - Select Create ---> polygon primitive ---> Plane---> (square box)
   - Set the plane's subdivisions Width and Subdivisions Height to 1.

2. Split Edge RIng tool
    - From the Modelling menu set, select EDit Polygons ---> Split Edge Ring Tool --> square box
    - Make sure that auto complete is turned On
    - Clik+drag on any of the edges of the plane to choose a splitting location, and then release the mouse button to execute the tool/
     - Click + drag on another edge to Split again

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