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The last thing after modelling a model


The Last thing afre modelling a model

Polishing the model

This should the last stage. Now that you have covered all of the technical issue regarding edge rings and topology, you can concentrate solely on the aesthetics. The best way to polish the model is to use the sculpt Geometry Tool to push, pull and smooth the geometry. This is a perfect tool at this stage because it really gives you the feeling of sculpting in 3D.

Looking at your model useng hardware lighting
ewhile refining the surface with the Sculpt Tool, It is a good idea to examine how the light affects the surfac. To do so , the followingL
- Assign a Blinn material to your geometry.
- Create a directional light.
- Press 7 on you keyboard to enable the hardware lighting.
- Rotate hthe light to find areas that may not be as organic as you would like and smooth them out.

When rotating a directional light in your scene, you can discover many areas on you model that still need refinement.

Final Checklist
Before you can pass the model off to the texture artists and character set-up artists, you must first make sure the scene follows some basic cretaria:
- The hierarchy of models is wiwll remain in a consistent order throught the pipeline
- All geometry in the scene has a unique name following a naming convention.
- All geometry has frozen transformations.
- All history has been deleted bia the Edit - Delete all types - History command
- All geometry has the default lambert assigned.
-All extraneous nodes have been removed via the File - Optimize screen Size Command

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