Friday, June 14, 2013

Modelling clavicle Tips

Modelling clavicle Tips
clavicle 3d

Think of the clavicle as part of the arm and create is as one entity continuiting into the hand. As difficult as hip placement is. The shoulder is much harder. So many things are going on in that region during deformation, and there are a number influences you need to watch to achieve just one simple pose like moving the arm up aod won. Finding the correct shoulder joint placement is very important. To help you do this. You may wish to create a few joints, bind the skin to them, and then test rotations just to see if you have it right

Then , as if the shoulder is not complicated enough, you have the elbow, hand and fingers. The amount of work necessary for the hand, finger and wrist area is about the same as it takes to do the entire rest of the body

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