Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to Texturing the model Part 1


Now that you have a property unfolded model, you are ready to paint the texture maps, There are several ways to doing this, such as exporting the model in a 3D painting software, but perhaps one of the simplest ways to texturing human is in paint program such as Adobe Photoshop

In Order to know how to paint the model and where the details of the geometry are in  a paint program.
You need to export a UV snapshot, which can be used as reference to paint on.

1, Export a UV snapshot
- With the biggest geometry still selected and visible in the UV Editor , select polygon--> UV snapshot.....
- In the option window , browse for your current project's sourceimage directory
- Set the followingL
Size X and Y to 512;
image format to TIFF
- Click the OK button
An image file is now written to disk , allowing you to paint on it and the use the resulting image as a texture.

Part 2

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