Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to make a gold In Autodesk Maya

How to make a gold In Autodesk Maya
1. Open your Autodesk Maya 
2. assieng the object to Blinn material
3. Here is the material setting for Gold
   The type of Material is Blinn
   Eccentricity = 0.300
   Specular Roll Off 0.300
   Specular color = yellow (just like a gold)
  Reflectivity = 1.000
Here is Important
  Make sure u have a HDRI image ,just search on google
 if youalready have that
klick on right square on Reflected color  and choose EnvBall
in envBall image insert your HDRI image.

The important thing is Reflected Color, and these are a simple tutorial to make a gold material

And if you render with mental ray, u better use a mental ray material. because mental ray make a different material i think it's have a reason

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