Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good topology


The third key modelling concept covered here is to maintain quad topology as much as possible by doing so. it benefits you and everyone in the character pipeline for many of the same reasons as listed above. Quads benefits the modeler by getting a predictably smooth surfae when subdivided, they benefit the texture artist by securing the texture placement and minimizing stretching and they allow the set up artist to evenly distribute or paint weight values to quads rather than triangle or n- sided polygons

There will be times when you will have to sacrifice one ot more of these key concepts in order to maintain a quad layout, especially when modelling according to anatomy and muscle flow. It is then up to modeler to decide to do discontinues some of these extra edge loops by using triangle on the mesh.

Following are some typical problems encountered while modelling , along with solutions to correct the topology with quads. Once the topology is corrected, you can use tools such as artisan to smooth out the edges and get a seamless result.

If you do have triangle on your model, make a conscious effort to hide them in unobtrusive places. N-sided polygons are not recommended either and should be split manually, since it is difficult to predict exactly how the surface will react when subdivided, textured or bounded; it might ultimately flicker when deforming during animation.

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