Friday, June 7, 2013

Definition of character rigging


before we can animate, we need to have a rig built for our character. Many terms are used for the process pf character rigging; you may hear it called set uo, rigging, or puppeting , to name a few.

rigging character

Rigging is , by far , the most confusing and typically misunderstood procedure in the 3D pipeline process. it can be the most challenging. yet you may find it to be the most rewarding as well. As a rigger, you will most likely find that you are the one everyone relies on to solve problems, create workflows, design and make tools and simply make everything work.

you have to continually conscious of making your rig too complex and ultimately unanimatable by you or your animator. it is very easy to fall into the " wow! wouldn't that be cool!" trap.
In the end , the best solution almost always ends up being the simplest one: nothing automated. Thing easily found in the hierarchy and very animator friendly.

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