Saturday, May 25, 2013

tutorial skin material in maya with photoshop

IF we will give our model with human skin texture
we need
skin sss color map.jpg
skin sss color epidermal map.jpg
skin sss color subdermal map.jpg
skin sss color specular map.jpg
skin sss color bump map.jpg

i don't make color map tutorial, because this is default, this is material u can make it from your own skin or your friend'skin

skin sss color epidermal map
hue =0
saturation =-39
and save it to skin_epidermal_map

skin sss color subdermal map
make a shape on eyebrow or make a selection of eyebrow
-click color balance
set midtones checklist preserve luminosity
click on right "add layer mask to selection"
-don't forget to make a selection of eyebrow
click brightness/Contrast
Brightness  -47
Contrast  +48
click on right "add layer mask to selection"
-click hue/saturation
Hue =0
saturation = +37
Lightness = 0
and save it to skin_subdermal_map

skin sss color specular
convert the image to grayscale
click image -->mode --> grayscale
choose brightness/contrast
brightness = -150
contrast = +58
choose brightness/contrast again

brightness = -91
contrast = -2
click brush  master diameter = 60px hardness 2%  opacity 41 % flow 42%
set color to white
paint like this

set layer 2 opacity 10 %
and save it to skin_spc_map

and here is the setting

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