Thursday, June 1, 2017

What is envato

Before we begin to hunt for dollars we need to know if it ??? is one webyang company based in Australia that was founded in 2006 by Collis Ta'eed, Cyan Ta'eed, and Jun Rung denganmisi "helping people learn and earn online". Envato divided into multiple networks that tutorial sites that offer technology-related tutorials and also a market for selling digital products, if we want to hunt for dollars there we can register as a member of either only as an affiliate or as the author or maker of digital products such. With the market there are various types offered (, if we want to hunt for dollars along Envato we start by registering as a member and start making digital products according to the ability that we have. That ability can be in the form of musical abilities (arranging or making other noises of interest), the ability to create websites in multiple systems cms, the ability to create a logo, icon or element graphics and many more others, because Envato have divided the market place to sell the digital product into several sections, among others: 1.Activeden - selling elements of Flash, ActionScript, Silverlight and more, 2.Audiojungle - this market is perfect for those who are able to create sound sample interface, and write their own music, or even able menciptakanberbagai sounds around them like the sound of the birds in the trees, and many others, 3.Themeforest - for those who make web site design - templates, themes, and even a simple PSD files, here you can sell templates (see advance to the website) in the form of HTML, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and many others, 4.Graphicriver - is a market for their candidate in the field of graphic design for this place allows us to sell the icon, graphic elements, illustrations and more, 5.3docean - is the place to do 3D graphic design, 6.Photodune - is a place for those who like photography because this market relate to a wide range of photos, 7.Codecanyon - is the place to do if we are good at programming languages ​​or can create applications for mobile devices and we could make a plugin for CMS (content management system), 8.Videohive - is a market for those who can make video recordings can then be edited, eg with after Effects. But of course in making digital products that we will sell in various online market in Envato that we should be able to achieve the quality standards of products that have been determined by them because when we enter the digital products we no inspection process conducted by staff inspectors from each of the markets (market place) Envato, therefore we can not make our products haphazardly and carelessly and expect our digital products directly received or in other words, our products must pass the inspection process first. And when we have reached the standard product and received by the respective online at Envato market that we are targeting then the resale value will be determined by the examiner from Envato based on the types of digital products we make. And the system is divided into two members 1.Exclusive Author if the products that we make only sold in its Envato marketplace and our revenue sharing starting from 50% of the selling price of the product and can increase its distribution to 70% based on the total amount of sales that we accomplish. 2. Non Exclusive Author If we make products that are not only sold in marketnya Envato but also sold in the market place more, we only merndapat 30% of the selling price only. But if we can not make the product, we can get dollars to become affiliates of products that are sold in the marketplace Envato, short referral system is to disseminate the link from Envato Marketplaces (plus specific code) in return if there is anyone who clicks the link , register as a new user and deposit a sum of money there. Commission earned is 30% of the money be deposited by the new user. Suppose a new user men-deposit $ 100, then we rebagai referral will get $ 30 directly-credit-balance our right to the spot. As I mentioned above, this referral system applies when they are clicking it is a newly registered user. When the old user who clicks, although he shortly deposit a sum of money, this does not apply. Similarly, if a user has to click the link with the referral code from the user Envato besides us before, then when he signed up and make a deposit, which gets a commission is that other user. With a growing number of members and also with its products, which currently reaches 3.32311 million members and 4,707,188 products will certainly attract the number of buyers is increasing. Therefore, if we have the ability as it has been written in the beginning was good we join hunt for dollars in a wide range of Envato marketplace, because many members of Envato an Indonesian man. Envato briefly developments can be seen directly in


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