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If previously I tell at a glance the history of motion graphics, this time I will explain these tips to be a motion graphic designer. As we know that advanced era is already a lot of media that can help us to produce a work.

Motion graphics is one branch of a design science, in contrast to print design or web design. Motion design tidakhanya a design that is stationary or not moving, such as poster design that displays only the design that does not move (still). Motion graphics merupaka collection of images created moving or animated. So for you the designers who want to add your design skills and learn about motion design, you also need to know what should be a motion designers have.

To be a motion design certain things you must have is a visual flair and good taste, you have to have characteristics and capabilities of a graphic designer, a programmer, animator and filmmaker.

Here are some tips for you guys who want to learn the design of motion graphics:

-. Liked motion graphics
Similarly, if you want to have a partner that you want, you have to love the pair of you to have it. Just as well as motion graphics, motion design untu be a first thing you should do is like this field. You do not have to be a picture or have children art, because when you've loved bukah it is not possible to learn continuously. All you have to do is love and develop a way of learning.

-Mempelajari Motion design
In our country there are very few specialized departments in the field of motion graphics. But, school or college associated with motion graphics department has been pretty much like graphic design, animation, broadcast, etc. What you should do is to look beyond academic learning the art such as via the Internet, and many view the tutorial, follow associations motion design or anything related to the motion of the design.

-looking Reference design
By looking for a good reference designs are seen on the visual design, the content of the message in its designs, as well as ways of making the design. Besides you see these things you can learn from the designs, directly arts you will grow and multiply your design reference.

-Create A new design style
You should also be required to have a high creative thinking. Look for your designs styles that differ from others by creating a new form, the movement of new and exciting animation. Do not be afraid also to be different from other design and continue to be creative, find a distinctive design style you and make people recognize that it's your design. Therefore it is important to look for references that you want to be a motion designer.

-Memperhatikan Your design work
Motion graphics often we meet in an ad TVC, by that because you also must pay attention to your work with the media to be used, make sure all the elements such as color, shape, font, etc. it is reasonable and appropriate in the media. motion because a good design is design that can convey a message to the audience well.

Believe in the ability that you have, and mutual menghargain design work of others. Due to appreciate all the good things to come.

Okay so from me, hopefully this article can help you in mempertambahan science.

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