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Get money when sleeping

Ever imagine ga Klo can work while you sleep? Ever imagine fitting bed klo ga no amount of money can still flow? Ever ga sih imagine if there are more casual work, there is no deadline, according our passion, free to choose what would dikerjain? Ever ga imagine the work that can be done Anywhere, anytime, without being tied to space and time and generate thousands of dollars? There is! 'Work' was named Freelance!

Gains so Freelancer:
- Non choose jobs that match the passion / hobby we
- Work anytime, Anywhere, with whom wrote
- Can money even when we sleep
- Non choose anyone who's boss / client we
- Could vacation every day
- People go to work early in the morning we can still sleep soundly

Drawbacks / flaws:
- Do not have a social status in society (due to lack of understanding)
- Considered unemployment (point 1)
- Working hours that do not go on causing eat / sleep / shower irregular (but with good time management seems this problem can be solved)

Freelancers can be interpreted simply as a freelancer. It means someone who works without being linked to any company. Power / her skills are needed when the job can be done by a freelancer. Usually the category of work performed by freelancers that specific specialty. For example; Graphic designers, translators (translator / interpreter), writers (there was also labeled a ghost writer), freelance journalist (search news / photos / images), photographers etc.

Because the basic I was a graphic designer, I would like to share some experiences to make money via the internet. Since most freelancers work that does not require face-to-face / face to face with a client, usually just an email is enough, because the work in the form of digital items. So I will discuss how to find a job that we want (according to expertise of course) via the internet.

Actually there are several categories of sites for the freelancer graphic designer, here I will discuss one by one.

Site contest

Trip contest / festival / contest is so I suggest the first step for beginners (especially for graphic designers). Why? Here we can learn a lot about a brief understanding of clients and expand the portfolio. Brief could be interpreted as a guide for designers provided by the client in which the client describes what the needs. For example in the brief of a logo, the client usually will explain in detail about the company's profile, then ask a graphic designer to translate it into the form of a logo. Here our skills can be tested, how can we understand what is desired by the client. Starting from the color, image / character, font (typeface) you want as a logo. Our expertise in software-skill alone will not be sufficient. Clients need imagination, a graphic designer who has a high artistic value and aesthetic side which later developed into a logo that is worth considering. Ever heard the price of Pertamina logo how? Hundreds of millions! Ever heard the re-design of the logo Garuda Indonesia how? Hundreds of millions! This is where we can learn a lot to understand a problem before plunging into the world of freelance truth. Do not be easily discouraged in case of rejection would be the design we send. Because it could be a client tastes do not match our design, and who knows with other clients can match. Make contests this as a place to learn, do not expect the award / prize from the design itself, so that makes us disappointed and discouraged. Relax. Enjoy the process.

Here are some sites design contest:

- (minimum of a logo on this site priced at $ 200, converting itself into rupiah ..)
- (in addition to the contest, the work we could sell into a t-shirt and bought with a fairly high price loh)
- And many more. (I'll update When it was crowded)

Mikrostok / Envato Marketplace

Mikrostok arguably asset-skill (this is my own terms). here we can store various types of design according to our own imagination (of course that has a sale value). Why do I refer to as asset-skill? Because by simply submitting (sending) the design / photograph only, we can gain thousands of dollars even when we fall asleep. So this system; in mikrostok each item / work we are paid according to the number of downloads of the buyer. No matter until whenever, as long as there are still people who download our earlier item, the item until that moment we get paid per download. Yes, per-download. If the item is already sold us all, we can still sell it many times, and his license is still present in the creator's work. Great is not it? Here is our challenge to make the work as powerful as possible in accordance with market needs. Remarkably, out there a very, very much appreciated the work of the copyright, so one can not carelessly download easily through google and use for commercial purposes. Outside there is still a lot of companies are willing to pay dearly pictures / our work with respect copyrights earlier.

Anything that can be sold on site mikrostock and Envato? Banyaaaakk .. could be a logo, template, web-design, html templates, wordpress, photography etc. Even for the programmer can also sell tablets of script code like css / php / jquery etc.

Envato Marketplace is an ecosystem created by Envato marketplace by providing some related to design, where we can reap dollars. That's not they also make a good run of this ecosystem by providing tutorial websites within the network TutsPlus (Tuts +):

- Envato marketplace are divided into several categories:
- GraphicRiver - vector design, logo, card template, character design etc.
- ThemeForest - html theme, wordpress templates etc.
- 3dOcean - 3d graphic design
- ActiveDen - flash templates, web templates, banners etc.
- AudioJungle - music, sound effects etc.
- CodeCanyon - php, html, css code etc.
- VideoHive - affter effect templates, motion graphic etc.
- PhotoDune - stock photography etc.

Site tutorial:
- Graphic Design
- Photography
- 3D
- And many more

links Envato is deliberately use short-url. And to be honest I add referrals. If in case this article useful then please do not remove refferalnya. Had be reciprocal for me already meager share experiences. Just a small change alone ko Quote referral link. Your income is determined by your own productivity in mebuat design.

In the end it all depends on our own skills. I am well aware of this fact by writing competition will be intense, but I believe that the provision already set up. Share the same anyway?

For technical tips / how to upload a more complete existing trit Rada who like gan, so please stop by here

oia, for Envato marketplace there are also tablets facebook group, please join and can directly ask the masters there
facebook group

one of the real evidence of his ever so Hot trit loh gan gan, they play in Themeforest. Just two years can get 2 billion! Klo not believe just look yourself in Themeforest, id envatonya indonez. Ni tritnya

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