Thursday, August 18, 2016

The procedure for creating designs

The procedure for creating designs
1. restate the problem in your own wordsYou must understand the purpose or design problems. if you do not understand the problem or goal, you design a solution will not be on target.daily goal or problem on a paper or board and keep it fixed in front of you as your guide to work for a solutionof your design problem
2. Do your research firstDo you want to know more about your topic? If you want adequate solutions, go to the libraryor the Internet to obtain information, photographs, and material at this stage of the research process. This is a very important stage.mostly young designers make the mistake of thinking, namely that he can do a good job without having to go to the library or the Internet.
3. Think, with the mouse or pencil in hand
you sit down and think it is not enough, you need to immediately think and draw sketches. one image can lead you to other images.memasalahkan do you bad or good image, because it's just a sketch.
4. choose three of your best sketches
5. Select the best images and refine your image
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