Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Is it necessary to lower the price of the project for a freelancer

Is it necessary to lower the price of the project for a freelancer

This time we will discuss what the actual heck we need to lower the price of the project because the project did not come.
actually turning again to ask ourselves, respectively, if the price of our project too expensive. has become a common thing when we are more confident about the high prices we are definitely sure quality no 1, but if we got a cheap price we assume that the quality is bad. but we also need to know whether we have a reasonable price any project yet, if overpriced yes relegated but if too cheap ya raised. we did not get a project not because we project the price is expensive, but the opportunities are not yet upon us. maybe we could promotions, spread in an online portfolio, or a hobby we create motion graphics on youtube. youtube also can produceraphic  money for us.

The bad thing is we have to gain a lot viewer for our youtube video, if our video is good enough. then congratulation viewer will come to view your youtube video. and you wil get money from it.
 you can produce youtube video like "vox style"  with documentary and motion graphic video, or shool of life or else. just be creative

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