Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How to Survive in freelance work

How to Survive in freelance work
maybe sometime we think how we can survive, increase value , and get more money,
well i have few tips for you.
no matter you are writer freelance whom work for blogging, or motion graphic freelancer like me, or else, just do this few steps.

1. Increase price
   Yes, we have to increase price, not just increase price but we have to increase our skill so we deserve increased      price.  with that we will get more money.

2. Get paid sooner
   Some client dont wana give us payment faster because we have to do some revision, in this case we need aggrement how many revision we will take, how many hour we will do the job. when is the deadline. aggrement is crucial for this step.

3. Learn how to produce products faster
    produce products faster, with time management we will  produce products faster. we will get more money with that step.

4. Make product easire to produce

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