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How to succeed in work

how to succeed in work
The following are 7 ways to achieve success in work, which I summarized from various sources
1. Work smart and hard working
success is not only built with hard work or hard work alone, according to Michael Moroney, successful people is to work smart, but also at the same time working hard, both should be combined, may not be successful only with one of them
2. Increasing labor productivityIf we work to earn a paycheck, then what will we give to the boss or the company? our contribution. It is the logical consequence of a worker contributes to the boss or the company, the greater the contribution, the better it will be our success.
3. Think positiveOf course there are many things that are not in accordance with the wishes of the current work. ranging from jobs that do not fit with the expertise or capability that we have, low salaries, peer to peer annoying and so forth. When you make an issue of this, it will aggravate the spirit and work performance. keep thinking positive and clever pandailah we react
4. Always optimisticAny optimistic that we are able to undertake and complete the heavy tasks given the higher position / status, the more heavy-duty and responsibility. if we do not believe in yourself, do not expect other people will believe in us.
5.memiliki spirit and motivationwork with enthusiasm and motivation
6. Not easy to give uphave an attitude not easily give up in the face of any difficulty
7.Disiplin workno success without discount discipline, because discipline is the basis for success
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