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How To 'Sell' Self

About How To 'Sell' Self

One of the important tips to remember by freelancers in offering their services are not long-winded when submitting bids or proposals, but focus on what is requested by the employer.

Review also be important for the jobs pages in the marketplace because of the good reviews from clients can deliver more value in getting another job more quickly. Of course, this review is not in getting free, freelancers have to work hard to provide a good job so that clients are satisfied.

Some of the tricks you can do to get a good reputation is associated with a deadline or a long time on the client's request. As expressed by Ghelky, deadlines are done faster than required (of course with good quality) will be able to more quickly gain the trust of clients. For example, if the client gives 1 week for work, freelancers can give results within 3-4 days.

Speed ​​in working on client request will also be important for the development of personal brand in a particular marketplace or in the eyes of prospective potential clients.

Other tips were also shared by clouds, which states that should be done by freelancers are mingkatkan skill rather than slam the price. Habits to provide fast response to the client or employer should also be fostered by freelancers. The client is also important to be honest, honest to give the development of the client or honest workmanship provide the requested information if the topic is not controlled and must be learned.

Want to learn could also be one of the added value for the freelancer. Awan explained that the client will provide even more respect if the freelancer told that they need time to study the demand for jobs to be created, if it does not get any better dishonest to the client so that they do not expect more. In essence, honest and willing to learn diligently.


At the beginning of the start of 'career' as a freelancer, branding it's either not very important. But there is no harm if started from the outset, so that when it is experienced will not be difficult to sell services expertise.

Speaking of branding, Daniel answered the question one of the participants that freelancers can choose a personal or company name that will be included in a profile page that is available in the marketplace for freelancers.

While the cloud provides tips that there are several types of clients, on the one hand there are clients who like the freelancer individuals - one reason is because the cost is cheaper, but on the other hand there are clients who prefer to seek agency (company) as unreliable - already shaped the company usually existing systems and work flow can be maintained. Depending marketplace where freelancers posting jobs, his character may vary.

One other tips related to branding is time management because this will affect the quality of the work included in the working speed of client requests. Ghelky explained that for those still running freelance as he took office, should be regulated in terms of health, including when to do freelance work when (as is usually done freelance evenings that will affect the recess).

One should also note lest office obligations are not met. If you are sure the freelance path, out of work could be an alternative in order to manage time better, as did Ghelky.

Other Important Tips

Some other important points raised in the question and answer session yesterday was related to communications. Fast response in response to requests from clients are important things that must be considered. Simply put, the freelancer must keep answering emails although not directly employed (eg, again on the road, or there is a family event), communicate with the client's condition.

The key word may be the client. Communication including honest and provide good quality will bring freelancers on jobs later. Finishing speed of the target required, without sacrificing quality, an added value to win the competition in the world of freelancing.

In the event that has lasted several weeks was also briefly appeared information that there are currently a cooperative that shaded the freelancer. One of the difficulties of working freelance is not the facility that is usually obtained if an office, such as insurance or credit facilities for. Well, the cooperative wants to be a bridge for some of these things. Information on this is still TRL stacking so wait for the next article.

In addition, as mentioned above, FAMA event is one of them supported by Indonesia Freelancers Association (IFA), TRL also plan to discuss more about this in another article.

For additional information, the following information related to the data on (per May 2015) relating to the local market:

1. Total number of users (user) Indonesia: More than 500,000. Global users: more than 15.5 million.
2. Average gained freelancer project in Indonesia worth around US $ 200 per project.

3. The project is the most popular platform for freelancers Freelancer Indonesia in the last 12 months:
a. Hire Me (direct hires from the employer to freelancer)
b. Graphic Design
c. PHP
d. Data Entry
e. Excel
f. website Design
g. Photoshop
i. logo design
j. Metatrader

4. Clients origin countries that often use the services of Indonesia for the last 12 months platform:
a. United States (US)
b. Indonesia
c. Australia
d. India
e. United Kingdom (UK)
f. canada
g. pakistan
h. singapore
i. bangladesh
j. japan

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