Monday, August 1, 2016

How to be creative

It is not a secret if creativity is indispensable in any job. Creativity is what helps bring the best ideas and allows a person to solve the problem.No idea allows us to mneingkatkan productivity or minimize time in the process something, well hereTips Developing CreativityCreative thinking usually appear when a person is not in a state of distress or stress. Mind and a relaxed atmosphere tends to trigger creativity to flourish. developing creativity as we continue to hone her, the more frequent use of creativity, the more creative the creative thinking is we.1. Rest EnoughBreak here is not sleep anyway, but doing sedentary activities, such as road or street berkebu. really cool. activities that are best for the health and productivity, relaxing activity and tends to dull it stimulates the brain to think more creatively.2. Do not underestimate the NapsNapping is an activity that is recommended to help a person become more creative and productive. Napping proved to be beneficial in improving memory and make a person can think more clearly when you wake up. But, do not nap too long. Enough for 20-30 minutes.3. Do MeditationMeditation can be done anywhere. You just need to sit up straight and sit quietly for a few minutes. Focus catch his breath and rest your mind off bad things. This meditation process will encourage people to have more creative thinking.4. Listen to Music or Sound AroundWork in a quiet environment and silent would be very boring and would damage the concentration. In one study, it was found that working in a noisy environment actually helps a person become more creative and productive. You can try to get your work in the coffee shop, in the garden or in the cafeteria. If you want to work at home, turn on the music you like or the sound of the television so that the atmosphere is not quiet.5. Refresh Eye with NatureThe green color may actually enhance one's creative thinking. Spend a little time to look at the green scenery, such as the park or the mountains. But if you do not have time, adorn your home with green plants in each corner,6. Driving into place yet SkippedWhen the brain is accustomed to a pattern, he will not be developed. Conversely, when the brain often discover new things, he will actively cultivate new ideas and it is this that helps improve creativity. Try to take a stroll through the city that you've never visited. In addition to eliminating fatigue, who knows there is an interesting idea that suddenly pop into your mind.7. Reduce Social Media and GameWhen bored and wanted to look for inspiration, do not do these two things: open up social media or gaming. Both of these will not help the brain to be more creative.It would be better if you do doodling or drawing, and then do it while thinking, conversing, or daydreaming. This method is more effective to increase creativity.8. Dreamy and FantasyNot a bad thing if you are happy daydream and fantasize. Envision yourself five years to come, is one way that you can try when daydreaming. Thoughts like these make the brain to be more creative. Additionally, you're indirectly motivate yourself.

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