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ExPERT ADVICE FROM profeesional photographer Alan Johnson

Expert avice from Alan Johnson

A professional photographer since the Seventies, Alan Johnson is always on the lookout for new challenge.
"If you feel that my photography could add zest to you planned campaigns,then more information is available from my website
, i have bases in london and valencia- the new and vibrant host to formula one. our spanish office is situated just a few miles to the south
where we enjoy pure natural light, warm temperatures and a joie de vivre.
    In both London and valenciai have excellent contacts with the major model agencies, allowing me acces to 'in-demands'
models even when operating on a budget. please dont hesitate to calle me for qoutes, models, location, lighting, etc.

1. Bond with the booker
build up a good raport with the booker who looks after new faces at the model agencies that you approac. The booker is key to you
getting to work with the girls normally- a model will be advised by her booker which photographers to test with

2. Be prepared
when starting out , have two or three ideas for a test shoot - perhaps a beauty shot and a couple of fashion shots. be well prepred before
the shoot; have a plan and work to it

3. Make or Break
well-executed photos from the test shoot are likely to get you another opportunity to test with an agency: screw up and normally you are toast!

4. Find the best quality
Get the best hair and make up artist you can to work with, and a good fashion stylist. You should find plenty of artist and stylists who are also
starting to put a book together and will be keen to practise.

5 Time is of the essence
Ensure that you get photos or, if shooting digital hi-res files, a disc to a team within three-five days max. most importantly -

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