Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Advertising part 5

advertising budgetsadvertising budget can be determined by several methods that can be spent on the ability of the method, the method of percentage of sales budget,rival budget method, the method aims and functions of advertising or other decision models are more complicated
appropriate method is the ability to set a budget method of advertising is based on the ability of the company. how much money the company had no money for advertising,that is spent on advertising. This method ignores the role of advertising as an investment and a direct impact on sales volume.In this way cause long-term advertising planning difficult.penggunana method of percentage of sales budget. the company set an advertising budget sets the brand simply by the budget as a percentage of sales volume were anaesthetized,for example, last year, or terantispasi. a survey of 100 top advertisers of consumer goods in the United States found almost 50%using the percentage of anticipated and 20% using percentages ago, this implies that the budget is basedthe anticipated budget of the previous budget

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