Sunday, August 14, 2016

Advertising part 3

Informative advertising 
 aims to establish the first request by notifying the market of new products, proposes a new use for a product,
notify about price changes, explain the workings of a product describes the services provided, to correct the wrong impression,
reduce anxiety buyers, and establish a corporate image. This is usually done massively in the early stages of a type of product.

Persuasive advertising 

 aims to establish selective demand a certain brand, this is done on a competitive stage by forming brand preferences, encouraging
over the brand, change the perception of the buyer of the product attributes, persuaded shoppers to buy now,

reminder ad  

aims to remind consumers on products already established by showing that the product
may be needed later, reminding Diman products can be purchased to make buyers still remember dengna prudk though not in season and maintaining awareness of peak

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