Saturday, August 13, 2016

Advertising part 2

Advertising and advertising managementadvertising is the use of paid media by a seller to communicate information about the product persuasit (ideas, goods and services)or organizations that are a powerful promotional tool. marketers Americans spend 89 billion dollars each year on have a wide variety of forms (national, regional, local; consumer, industrial, retail product, brands, agencies and so on)designed to achieve various objectives (instantaneous sales, brand recognition, and preferences and so on)in small companies, advertising is handled by someone in marketing or sales departeme who cooperate with the agency,whereas in large companies already own advertising department.advertising management is a 5 stage process known as 5 M: mission, money, message, media and measurement.Goal setting addetermination advertising purposes must be based on the previous decisions concerning target markets, positioning strategy, and a clear marketing mix.baruditetapkan advertising purposes

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