Friday, August 12, 2016

Advertising part 1

Advertising is one of the stages in the marketing. products or services, either penamannya pricing and distribution is reflected in advertising activities. without
advertising, the product range will not be able to flow seamlessly to the distributor, to the seller let alone into the hands of consumers.

advertising is not only used for business enterprises such as IKEA. IKEA ad entitled toilet seat
warsaw leo burnett created by the award-winning "Golden Drum" at the advertising festival Golden
Drum 2001.
advertising carried out by educational institutions, hospitals, political parties, and others to aim at the target. the message will be more cost-effective if delivered through advertising, a good message to build brand preference and to educate the citizens of a country that does not consume drugs

the success of a national economy is largely determined by the activities of advertising activities which support the sales efforts that determine the viability of the production of factories, job creation and the existence of a favorable outcome of all money invested. this is evidenced by the fact that the developed countries or the world's top companies always graced by vigorous advertising activities. fifty perusahana costs the world's top advertising amounted to 49.3 billion dollars to 56 countries in 1996. tahhun meanwhile, in the third world countries and Russia, the economy is still weak, advertising activities is still at a minimum level, lapngan work hard and not easy return the money invested.

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