Friday, July 15, 2016


I started out in the world why freelancers

first time after graduating bachelor degree I got a job as a motion graphic on local tv in Indonesia. with a very small salary is around $ 150 per month, only slightly above the average salary. when I want to buy a house is also a car so desires standards of each person, and then I tried to freelancers and got a job freelancer first after eight months, after the boom, though still a bit I got $ 200 per month from freelancers and $ 150 per month from my old job. not bad.

I was searching on the earnings of a freelancer could actually get $ 1,000 just from freelancers. I hope someday we can reach $ 1,000 per month. of course if I can improve my skills. by the way you guys can check my portfolio in I accepted a job as a video editor and motion graphic.

does not always make money. but enjoy the process is everything. do not ever stop dreaming

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