Sunday, July 24, 2016

Few step if you wanna successful in freelancer.

Few step if you wanna successful in freelancer.
I started freelancer from nov 2015. And now i have home because of that. That is real happiness. By the way i am motion graphic freelancer.
Here is few steps from me .

1. Take a cheap project
Because we are new. We need portfolio. Because we need a lot portfolio we have to decrease our price. My first project is about 55$. For making intro video and brochure.

2. Keep a good communication
Yes again. Key of freelancer is good communication. Good communication make a clear task. Clear task make a fast production. Fast production makes us get more project. More project more money. Yeahhhhh!!!!!

3. Collect portfolio from client
After you got some project, collect that edit that into newest poetfolio. Newest poerfolio makes is more professional.

4. Give your best shot
Every project whatever is that big. Or small project. Just give your best shot. Best effort.

5. Remember your client name
Yeah ... more you remember your client name. More valuable you are in the eye of client

Maybe that's it. Thannk you. If you wanna ask me about somethinf plz comment below . And dpn't forget subscribe my youtube channel thank you everyone

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