Thursday, April 7, 2016

How to be motion graphic freelancer with low skill

Ever heard  freelancer jobs motion graphics still outwardly outwardly, but income can reach 5 million per month. and it was all done from home. and the average of the day just spent six hours for work. How nice and happy. only with being a freelancer Motiong graphics, and of course if the membership would increase the coffers pot of money will also be increased, because the price of the project is done outwardly outwardly freelancer, up from previously $ 100 per project could rise to $ 250 per project. wanted to like it. gini way

1. Never stop learning.
    Develop your skills. technical skills, management skills, project Pro Software LTD skills, communication skills. yes principally developed skill. if the usual make-after effects so often learn after effects, at least a week splurging 2 tutorial lah.

2. Find the middle-Project
  Because the skills that have not been qualified. so do not be too ambitious to want to be able to project large .. appreciate the process. That process paid a true victory. while we learn, we also find a small project2. both small in budget and small in terms of technical viewpoint

3. Respect the process
  Continue to develop yourself, enjoy traveling groove. if the project can not ya always develop showreel. showreel updated periodically. for instance 6 months

4. Not always all about the money
    Convince yourself, that value is more important than money, if we deliver maximum project, pobud established a good relationship with the project owner. deliver the best work we are, show them we have a high value, if we always give our best, the best service, the best work, motion graphics updated in accordance with the wishes of the consumer, of course, the money will come to us, but basically we are more concerned that our work was well received by consumers

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