Monday, November 17, 2014

Make a reflection text in after effect (beginner)

-First open your after effect and create new composition or ctrl + N in keyboard set 1920 * 1080
-second make a new layer solid make it white to make a background and rename that to "BAckGround"
-third make a new solid again , and make it black to the color and rename it spotlight
-fourth make circle and double klik in the spotlight . so u will make a mask ... and in the mask layer klik add change to subtract , and change mask feather 300 pixel and reduce the opacity of mask to 25%
-fifth make a text, and rename it to CUman GItu, with verdana text type and make that double ctrl+D on the keyboard
another text rename that to reflection
scale that reflection layer and scale unlink that 2 type text .. and change 100% 100% become 100% -100%
and add linear wipe ... in that reflection layer, make wipe angle to 0 and transition complete to 45% change the opacity of reflection to 35%
sixth in the text cuman gitu ... add ramp ,, from effect--> generate ramp to make that like a gradient text , more like glossy.

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